Friday, April 29, 2016

Pet Dog bites owner after owner refuses to upload dog’s pic on Facebook

New Delhi: Pammi Ahuja, a Delhi based interior designer and wife of business man Gurinder Ahuja was taken to AIIMS after their pet dog Rambo bit the designer early this morning.

Rambo with his selfie

Rambo with his selfie

Apparently, Rambo was angry because his owner Pammi refused to upload a few pics of her pet dog on facebook. The couple have now filed an FIR against the dog for causing grievous injury. AIIMS sources reveal that doctors had to administer 5 stitches on Pammi’s forearm to close the wound.

“It was early morning and I was near the boundary wall of our bungalow trying to catch the open WiFi network from my neighbor when I heard her screams. I saw Rambo had bit my wife’s forearm. I don’t know why he did that, but Pammi told me it was because she refused to upload his selfie on Facebook,” said Mr. Ahuja while recording a statement at the local police station.

With a Facebook page of his own and 20k follower on Twitter, Rambo is no less than a social media celeb. Rambo’s arrest saw many of followers rallying behind him by trending #RamboIsInnocent on Twitter.

The Ahuja family is however in no mood to pardon their pet and have already made plans to send him to animal shelter. Sources say that Rambo has sought anticipatory bail.

This is the second such worrying incident in man-dog relationship, last being the case of 2013 when a dog unfriended his owner.

Meanwhile, Somnath Bharti’s pet Don, who heads the dog wing of Aam Aadmi Party, has extended his support to his fellow canine.

Friday faking releases: ( Hollywood: The Italian Job | Bollywood: Jeene Nahi Doonga )

Subramaniam Swamy is all set to expose the ‘Gandhi Family’ in this weeks Friday Faking Release. Find out all about Swamy’s relentless pursuit in bringing the guilty to justice in The Italian Job.

The Italian Job (*ing Sonia Gandhi and a few choppers )

The Italian Job (*ing Sonia Gandhi and a few choppers )

In Jeene Nahi Doonga, watch Swamy as he haunts Sonia and Rahul with ‘incriminating evidence’ against their scams. Don’t miss Arnab Goswami’s cameo.

Jeene Nahi Doonga (*ing Sonia, Rahul, Swamy and Arnab )

Jeene Nahi Doonga (*ing Sonia, Rahul, Swamy and Arnab )

Angry that no one noticed his brand new SUV, Delhi guy threatens to go on a world tour on JK tyre

New Delhi: A Delhi based businessman, angry with no one noticing is new SUV has threatened to go on a world tour in his new car.

A world tour to show off your new car

A world tour to show off your new car

Ashish Khurana, who himself owns an automobile showroom in Vasant Kunj area of Delhi, bought an SUV a few days back and has been trying like everyone else to get people to notice his new car. But things didn’t turn out as expected for Mr. Khurana after his ‘selfie with SUV’ post on Facebook managed to get just 2 Likes.

Apparently, the automobile dealer has now threatened to go on a world tour on JK Tyres and make sure that his SUV gets the publicity that it deserves.

Our reporter caught up with Mr. Khurana to know more about his world tour. Speaking to our reporter from the driver’s seat of his SUV, he said, “I spent so much on this SUV and no one has even noticed it. I expected people to ask me a few questions, but even my social media efforts have gone down the drain. But with my next feat I am pretty sure that I will be ‘Breaking News’ on most news channels.”

When questioned about his insistence on JK tyres, Mr. Khurana replied, “A few days back I read about a guy who covered 50,000kms on JK tyres and Google tells me that the earth’s circumference is 40000kms. That leaves me with 10000kms to spare even after touring the world. It makes sense doesn’t it?”

“Besides, being in the automobile business I pretty well know that JK tyres can effortlessly endure the rough terrain, twists and turns of the tour. I know I will be stretching the limits, but that’s part of the game, he added.

Mrs. Khurana, however is skeptical and angry at not being part of the trip. “He never takes me anywhere. But that is a different story, he refused to take a spare tyre along saying the four JK tyres on the SUV will get him through the trip,” she said with raised eyebrows.

Neighbors too are not amused. Having put up with his eccentric behavior they have dismissed it as ‘Khurana’s desperation to show off’. “I remember the time when he bought a new watch. He ran the marathon with one arm raised in air. What better can you expect from him?” questioned Dilpreet Dhillon, his next door neighbor.

“Someone just told me that Khuranaji has been virtually touring the globe on Google Maps, hoping to ‘familiarize’ himself with the terrain. Isn’t that stupid. I bet he’ll turn back once he gets  on the rough country side roads,” he scoffed.

But criticism has not dampened the enthusiasm of Ashish, who is confident that post his feat, he would be as popular as the CM of Delhi.

When questioned about a backup plan just in case, Mr. Khurana said, “The only thing left would be to open my own stall at the Auto Expo and pose in front of the car.”

Robert Vadra slams Sonia Gandhi for getting caught up in scams, asks her to come clean

New Delhi. Country’s favorite Son-in-law Robert Vadra today stunned the Congress party and the whole nation by slamming Sonia Gandhi for getting caught up in scams.

Faking News has learnt that Vadra was very upset after seeing the name of “Signora Gandhi” figuring in the Italian court judgment on AgustaWestland bribery case. He was particularly upset after seeing “fam” in handwritten note with list of those who were paid kickbacks.

Robert Vadra with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi

Vadra is not ready to listen

“This is very unprofessional on the part of Mrs. Gandhi. How can she allow the family’s name to appear in the bribery scandal? It hurts the image of honest farmers like me who are part of the family,” thundered Mr. Vadra.

The statement has shocked entire India as Vadra was not expected to name Sonia Gandhi. “I had still not recovered from the shock of Arvind Kejriwal mentioning Sonia Gandhi’s name, and now this! May god give me strength,” a political observer said.

Vadra, who of late has been commenting on many issues, especially those of corruption, is rumored to be eyeing the space vacated by Arvind Kejriwal, who once used to be an anti-corruption crusader before he joined Twitter and subsequently politics.

Vadra had only recently said that he was willing to join politics and serve people if that’s what people wanted.

“This helicopter scam is a big blot on my image by mere association with the family now. Now I’ll have to needlessly face questions about corruption by my family. The timing of this corruption coming out is suspect as I was just about to start serving people,” he said.

When Priyanka Vadra tried to confront Vadra, he slammed her too for getting caught up in alleged land scam in Himachal Pradesh.

“I demand that Sonia ji and her whole family come clean from these corruption allegations,” he added.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Obsessed with having the latest features, Smartphone maker forgets to include sim card slot in their latest model

Mumbai: Smartphone maker OneMinusOne, which recently launched the next generation of its flagship killer, had to recall its handsets after it was discovered that the phone was without a sim-card slot.

feature rich but without a sim slot

Feature rich but without a sim slot

Embarrassed company officials agreed that they went overboard with having the latest features and overlooked something as basic as a slot for inserting sim-card.

Speaking to Faking News the Chief Product Manager of 2MinusTwo said, “It’s true that we completely missed putting a slot. So we have recalled the handsets. Even for those who don’t wish to replace it, we have a solution at hand. For them, we are providing external sim-card slots that can be connected via a c-type cable for making calls.”

When questioned about obsession with features, the Product Manager reluctantly agreed that there was indeed an oversight. “We were too busy looking for a differentiating factor. In our latest model we have a button that turns your mobile screen into a mirror; we went ahead of fingerprint scanner and included a DNA scanner, and also gesture recognition that will mute Watsapp group when you flash the middle finger. But yes we did miss out on that sim card slot,” he said while trying to sound as if the exclusion was not a big issue.

Experts say that this might just be a sign of things to come and in future, smart phones may actually get rid of the sim slot.

“There is stagnation in the smartphone market. Even companies like Apple are finding it hard to sell their iPhones. I don’t think there are any more features to add to a smartphone, so let’s start deleting some,” said Tutu Aneja, a digital expert from Delhi.

“Minimization seems to be the future of smartphone. Who knows, the next iPhone could just be a fancy slab of glass and we might have to pretend that we are making calls with it,” he added.

Meanwhile, OneMinusOne’s oversight has also given an opportunity to rival Macromax, which is desperately trying to regain some market share, to push its lastest offering.

“Our latest smartphone is nothing like you have seen before. It has a D-type USB port. Godzilla glass screen, 500GB storage for your storage needs, 64 GB RAM, and an inverter to make sure that once charged your phone battery will last for 6 months,” said Rahul Mishra, CEO of the company.

Kejriwal asks Center to run “Vayudoot” trains for bringing fresh air from other states to Delhi

New Delhi. In a scathing attack against the Center and the Prime Minister, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has demanded Modi to work with other states and make them send “Vayudoot” trains to Delhi i.e. trains carrying fresh air  from scenic parts of the country, in order to fight the state’s pollution which seems unaffected by the odd-even rule.

Kejriwal started with a question as he spoke to Faking News. “When Modi can send water to the drought-affected areas, why can’t he send fresh air from serene  places like Uttarakhand, Ooty and Kodaikanal?” he asked the PM in what seemed like a direct attack on him.

Arvind Kejriwal

“Look at these people breathing fresh air, can’t they help Delhi people?”

“Those trains can directly run around Delhi and pump fresh air in the atmosphere, and thereby, sustain Delhi’s biosphere,” said Kejriwal as he continued to explain the reason behind his suggestion.

The demand by the AAP supremo and Delhi CM is reported to be inspired by Jaldoot trains run by the center, which ferries water to drought hit areas.

Neutral experts say that the demand is not absurd and the center should think about it.

“Don’t we have oxygen cylinders?” a neutral expert cum independent commentator explained, “The idea of carrying air for breathing where it is in scarcity is perfectly scientific, and so is the idea to have Vayudoot trains. Delhi is not too far away from places like Shimla and Nainital, which are well connected with railways, so execution shouldn’t be a problem.”

Delhi CM praised the independent commentator and re-tweeted the neutral expert before revealing that the massive ads given by the Delhi government were actually a part of this plan to demand Vayudoot trains.

“Our ads about odd-even have been aired on national television channels and we have even given print ads in local newspapers of many states. Now all these states know our problem. They must come together and help us. If they don’t do it, we’ve to conclude that woh sab mile huye hain,” Kejriwal said, appealing for help.